Central Air Conditioning

When shopping for an air conditioner, look for three things: the SEER, the Energy Star label and a brand you can trust.

What is the SEER? The acronym SEER stands for the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating. The SEER number rates how efficient an air conditioner is. The higher the number is, the more efficient the unit.

Energy Star, is a symbol in which the consumer can place their trust. It is a government-backed program which helps homeowners save money and energy. When a customer sees the Energy Star Label, they can be confident, knowing their central air conditioner will save them money on their energy bills without sacrificing comfort or features. Hart & Iliff features both Carrier and Coleman equipment.

Willis Carrier invented modern central air conditioning in 1903. A lot has changed since then. All central air conditioning units sold by Hart & Iliff have high SEER ratings and are Energy Star approved. In addition, our Central Air Conditioning Units use R-410A, the latest refrigerant that decreases the carbon footprint and does not deplete the ozone layer.

Central air conditioning is an important investment in your family’s comfort.

Bosch Air Conditioning Unit

What Our Customers are Saying

These are unsolicited comments received from Hart & Iliff customers.

"Heating system is working well now. Very courteous service technician. Thanks."

A.H., Andover, NJ

"Thanks for all your help and patience. This was large undertaking for me. I appreciated all your professionalism."

B.C., Sparta, NJ

"We are very pleased with the service you gave us in fixing our air conditioner. Each person who came to home was understanding and sympathetic to the situation at hand. The number of days and long hours the team worked during the one of the hottest summers on record, far exceeded our expectations. Thanks to all who worked to get our air conditioner back on-line."

C.B., Newton, NJ