The Perfect Installation System

At Hart & Iliff...

What sets our installations apart from the competition is The Perfect Installation System. This exclusive 8-step process ensures proper sizing, superior quality work and, most importantly, your satisfaction. 

A Workers hand grasping a wrench


The Home Profiler

A Professional visit to access your heating, cooling and plumbing needs


The Correct Sizing Formula

Our unique method of calculating the exact BTU's needed


The True Matching Method

Our method of selecting equipment to match the required BTU's


The Equipment Choice Advantage

generation of multiple estimates for your consideration 


The Permitting Process

Obtain proper permits from the local code enforcement dept


The Installation Maximizer

Timely installation using the best materials and the best practices


The Information Transfer

A detailed explanation of your system operation


The Inspection report

Inspection by licensed code enforcement official 

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What Our Customers are Saying

These are unsolicited comments received from Hart & Iliff customers.

"To the Office of Hart & Iliff: Thank you for always having the best customer service! Thank you for all the help and advice!"

"I would like to thank you for the installation of my new boiler. It was very timely and was certainly worry free for me. Please relay my thanks to your installation team for the nice job. Their work was careful and deliberate. I fully agree with the building inspector that they did a beautiful job. I am no plumber, but I can clearly see that their work is pristine!"

"Your technicians are always helpful and courteous. So are the ladies (and the boss) in the office. I am proud for my neighbors to see the H & I professional service techs in the clean H & I vans when they are parked by my house."